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Introducing MASKARADE MASK the Waterproof Face Mask That Makes Life Feel Normal Again!

Maskarade Mask is a Patent Pending face mask and created by Draya Blanco. Maskarade is based out of Atlanta, GA. She found a common issue utilizing the current masks on the market for daily functions like eating, drinking, and breathing comfortably without having to remove her mask. After a lot of brainstorming, “Maskarade Mask” was created.

Maskarade Mask is a comfortable and convenient WATERPROOF face mask that allows consumers to eat, drink, and breathe comfortably without removing it from their face! Maskarade includes a Velcro attachment that the opening will attach itself to which will then allow you to eat and drink without removing your mask. Maskarade also includes filters. Filters offer the benefit of increased rates of filtration against smaller virus particles. They recommend changing your filters once every two weeks or until the filter is visibly damaged.

Definitely a much-needed innovation and the fact that it addresses the foggy glasses situation is a bonus!

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